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a new architecture and design exhibit, architectural identities, is opening at white space, ikoyi, lagos this friday, february 11. i don't know why this is really exciting, except that i've never actually seen a nigerian architecture and design exhibit before, and i'm highly intrigued. especially looking forward to seeing individual works by isi etomi and nkiru mokwe.

white space is an event/retail space for temporary (up to 6 weeks) installations. for more info, check the very cool white space blog. --AL.

"Do we have real open and public spaces? Is Nigerian traditional architecture completely dead or can it be adapted and worked into a 21st Century city? Architectural Identities: An Exhibition seeks to answer some of these questions and prompt you to ask more. It showcases the work of a young crop of architects and designers who are looking to redefine the design landscape in Nigeria, with intelligence and boldness."

Update: This has to be one of the most intellectually engaging exhibits I've ever seen. Ever thought about a drive-thru market, eight-level bridge, or subway in Lagos? Somebody's already designed one. Check out plans for a high-speed monorail, which have been sitting on Fashola's desk for the past 18 months. They've extended the exhibit an extra day, so you have until Sunday to get hip.

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