lagos book & art festival


the 12th lagos book & art festival, organized by the committee for relevant art (cora), kicks off today at the national theatre in iganmu. i had a chance to speak with journalist/cora founder toyin akinosho last weekend, and the festival is packed with readings, discussions, music and performances to engage and enlighten. you can check out the program schedule here.

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  1. I wanted to comment on your november 8 evening pages but was unable to.

    You describe in that post what I've been unable to put to words, a sort of sorrow that I feel that I cannot be a writer if I want to live in Nigeria or live in Nigeria if I want to write.

    And it's one of those sweet curses whereby I feel that being there always inspires me to write even more as there are so many sights and sounds and tastes and smells that conjure stories in my mind, or maybe it's just that feeling of home.
    But then the actual writing process is so hard; as you point out generator hums, and internet connection (which sadly I see as a necessity for the mostpart when i write) is just not the convenient environment.

    You also voiced what I've felt in that I'm either too idealistic, or more likely not idealistic enough.
    Most likely I fluctuate between the two.

    I hope you do too and that your writing well decided to ignore, or embrace the limitations and make new writing habits

  2. @ms afropolitan: sorry i turned off comments on that blog, just wanted to vent w/o worrying about the consequences! but thanks for this. i am making new habits, largely getting up at the buttcrack of dawn and today, for instance, am writing at a cybercafe in a hotel since we've been without power for five days. if u don't laugh, you'll cry, but you still have to get it done, right? ;) i met a journalist at the lagos book fest who talked abt starting a writers retreat in jos where people could come anytime they like. i think such a place is long overdue.


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