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i left lagos for akwa ibom about a week ago and have been writing like a beast ever since. it's much quieter here and more peaceful--apart from constant threats of armed robbers and kidnapping--and i am hearing my inner voice a little more clearly than before. the more time i spend writing, the less i spend blogging, which is actually a great thing. although my abysmal internet connection here is partly to blame for the lapse. spent 75 minutes yesterday trying to send one bloody email at a cybercafe. ugh.

the africa international film festival starts on wednesday in port harcourt. it's the festival's first year and the organizers seem completely disorganized about everything (just posted the schedule today, 48 hours before the festival begins). nevertheless, i'm still thinking about going just to see what all the fuss is about. apparently malcolm jamal warner and rockmond dunbar will also be there. (random? ;)

more info here and here.

Update: The festival was an absolute fiasco. I went for the first and second days. At about three o'clock today, they cancelled the remainder of the day's screenings due to "technical difficulties" and told us all to go buy refreshments and come back tomorrow. I really wanted to smack someone in the face, but all I could do was be grateful that I took the bus and didn't waste money flying to PH for this. Naija, abeg! What a disgrace. Although I must add that I dropped in on the cinematography workshop yesterday, which actually seemed rather useful, although I got bored and left quickly since I already went to film school. Highlight of my day: clubbing at the Wine Bar. ;)

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