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One more note on spirituality before I consider the matter closed. On my way out this morning, passed my next door neighbor and two Jehovah's Witnesses -- you know the sort, ministering door-to-door at odd hours -- arguing about heaven and hell. I smiled politely and kept it moving when they greeted me, not wanting to get roped into the high stakes debate. They kept at it for awhile, likely long after I reached the subway and was well on my way into Manhattan.

I don't have a problem with Jehovah's Witnesses. In fact, one of my cousins converted after one such traveling minister stopped by our house when I was a kid. This same cousin also later went crazy. While I don't think the two things are necessarily connected (in fact, her erratic behavior often led me to believe there was a chemical imbalance at play), it certainly stands to reason that her susceptibility to conversion might in some way be due to mental defect. (I just said that to piss some people off.)

All of this to say. What is it about religion that makes people try to convert/coerce/manipulate others into joining in? Is the Kool-Aid really that good? Furthermore, why do we argue about what happens after we die? Does anybody really know for sure?

The snake oil salesman will tell you that he does, and has a potion that can get you there smoothly with no line at the pearly gates. --AL.

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  1. Which is why my worship to God, and belief in Jesus as my savior, is so much more than Religion and arguing about what happens when we die.


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