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i have noticed, with a degree of surprise, that several of my recent followers have been devout Christians. so devout, in fact, that they have faith blogs. i am not against this; in fact, one of my favorite commenters is also a faith blogger. i am simply curious as to what attracts her and others to my blog.

though i was raised catholic, i have of late joined the scores of heretics who profess an amorphous "spirituality" untied to any religion or prophet. call me a lost sheep or the devil (and some have and gone to their knees in prayer), but i prefer to live my life this way rather than to suppress all my human (and, therefore, Godlike) urges for a higher calling.

there was a time when i thought about becoming a nun; in fact, my mother almost became one. but i now feel like some of my friends must have in the past when i ran around thumping a bible and quoting scripture. i am uncomfortable around catholics. and baptists. and muslims. and anyone who knows with certainty that their way is the right way.

all of this to say. this is a religion-free zone. i welcome people of all faiths and creeds, perhaps even those who dabble in the occult sciences (as i've always had a minor curiosity!). but as i said to a friend (this past weekend, on a long trip home after an open mic/house party), i practice creativity as my religion. i show up every morning and write. and when the words flow out of me, i know that God is real.

i imagine that i could have come to a different conclusion, that i (such a lonely letter) am somehow great and powerful, but i (there it is again) choose instead to believe in something greater than myself.

but please be advised that this is not a faith blog and there will be no proselytizing here. this is just a disclaimer, lest i be accused of misrepresenting myself. i do, nevertheless, welcome all your comments, questions and contributions in the quest for knowledge, truth and light.

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  1. what a beautiful post.

    sorry for such a short comment, I just agree whole-heartedly and there is nothing more I can add than perhaps say that when I read posts as this I feel like the world is full of friends

  2. this post reminds me of an incident recently at my place of work where interviews were being conducted and someone (as the tale thru the grapevine goes) showed up to the interview wearing a huge (ugly) tie reading 'Holy Bible' on it.

    it's in these moments where i often feel like there ought to be more separation between church and state ... or rather, between church (note: as an institution) and people's human nature. i cannot stand when people hide behind religion and religious rhetoric!

    at a point, i had a number of followers who seemed to have faith blogs and i wondered the same thing. they dont comment (unless they comment as anonymous), soooo *shrug*

  3. @udee: wow. i would pay money to see that tie! lmao. did someone say tacky? ;)

    @ms: i think i heard a quote once that "strangers are friends you've never met yet" or some such. and i am also busily going through all the exercises in the artist's way, kicking and screaming. at least i know i'm not alone! ;)

  4. I like the disclaimer. I think there are so many things that attracted me, your honesty and your passion for showing this honesty (albeit anonymously). It almost makes me see right through to the person behind the blog and the writer behind the words, if you know what I mean. :)


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