why i write under a pen name


i write under a pen name because it frees me to be a little more honest than i would be if i were writing under my real name. i am never really so worried about what so-and-so might think about me writing such-and-such because, in a sense, it isn't my real self writing, but someone else. i can just say what i think and not have to deal with any personal consequences.

in actuality, i am far more reserved in reality than i am on this blog. but in using a pen name, i can assume a persona closer to the person i aspire to be. it's at once emboldening and freeing and i recommend everybody use a fake name at least once in your life (when i order takeout, they know me as maya or celeste or zara -- none of which is my real name ;).

now, specifically why i write under 'alligator legs' is because it is (was?) the title of the novel i'm working on. it also was a nickname i had as a kid with a case of childhood eczema that was the itchiest, scaliest thing you've ever seen.

not only does using this name now allow me to reclaim those memories, but also to claim myself as a writer/artist rewriting and recreating herself. i think when the novel comes out, and my films etc, i will also use a pen name. my real name and all it signifies just seems too outdated for this new self i am fashioning.

(shout out to abagond, whom i just discovered online today, for inspiring this blog post! for more info on my novel, visit: Why Alligator Legs?)

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  1. Nice to know you're writing a novel. I enjoy reading your opinions, and yes the pen name does make you honest. You're very blunt.


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