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between work and a doctor's appointment and a very long conversation with a friend of mine who got into a car accident on the way to akwa ibom int'l airport (the brakes failed and the steering wheel locked, he crashed into a roundabout), i somehow forgot to eat my lunch today. i usually carry a sandwich, salad, some snacks with me to work, but i had so much on my mind that i never got around to eating them.

so the two afterwork margaritas (pomegranate-flavored and frozen) that i drank hit my stomach quickly, the effects of the alcohol like little hands massaging my overstressed brain. after parting ways with my work mates, i passed by a bookstore and couldn't resist walking up and down the aisles, dragging my hand along the shelves, pausing to look at all the old, familiar titles and the shiny, new ones. marquez. adiga. diaz. delillo.

i fancied myself, after leaving the bookstore, coming home and writing for hours in my semi-drunken state. it all sounded so romantic until i fell soundly asleep on the train-ride home (thank god i didn't miss my stop!). nearly all the buzz has worn off now, but i still feel like there should be more writing in my life, in the world. i think i'm in love. good night. --AL.

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  1. Just found your blog via Ms. Afropolitan (by way of Black Women in Europe). I just had to comment on this post because there have been many a night when, after leaving a bar/restaurant with a nice buzz, I've had that same romantic (?) feeling about writing and the potential for producing something amazing. (I'm pursuing graduate courses so my "amazing" is a bit more boring than what you would be writing.) I just know the ideas are going to come pouring out of me once I get home. Of course, what always happens is that I get home turn on my laptop, located conveniently on my bed, and end up falling asleep. I am still trying to figure out how to break that pattern (LOL)!

    Anyways, I've enjoyed what I have read so far. I'm sure I'll be back to visit. Keep it up!


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