still grieving for ghana


I just had to post this article since I'm still not over it. It states: "FIFA will look at changing football's rules after a goal-line handball by Uruguay striker Luis Suarez denied Ghana a place in the World Cup semifinals."

Let's just say this is a step in the right direction, although that had to be the dirtiest move I've ever seen and Uruguay should really have been disqualified from even proceeding in the tournament. Really!

Can we rewrite the past? Sadly, no. Yet I am slowly passing through the stages of grief (denial, anger/blaming others, sadness and crying, acceptance), beginning the long, four-year wait for justice.

At least we will still have Nigeria to root for when it rolls around, unless they decide to throw the game again.

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  1. Much as I would like to commiserate with Ghana, I'd say they had the penalty and blew it - I doubt any bloke on the line would have hesitated in using his hands to stop the ball. I did find the gloating of the Suarez guy totally unbearable though.

  2. I know that if I was on the line and the ball was coming towards me, I'd do the same. It is against the spirit of the game but I totally understand how it can happen.

    Suarez's action after the miss and the coach's defence really got my goat. A bit of contrition wouldn't have gone amiss

    Poor Ghana though, or should that be poor Africa?


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