olufemi terry//stickfighting days


i read the Caine Prize-winning stickfighting days by olufemi terry yesterday.

boy. writing is such an interesting thing. we all have such different psyches, so many different energies and urges manifesting within us.

i honestly had to wonder what would possess someone to write a story about street children bludgeoning each other to death with sticks. i am not good with gratuitous violence, even if well written, and was actually quite horrified in the end and wished i had never read it. (and i can't say that about too many stories!) i am not knocking his work, or the prize, i'm just saying. don't take my word for it, though. you can read the story online yourself.

Update: I wanted to add that, upon further digging, I learnt that this story was originally published in Chimurenga Vol.12/13: Dr. Satan's Echo Chamber. Puts it in a little more context, so I now understand that this macabre killing fantasy was compelled by a call for submissions. I still kinda want to gouge my eyes out, but I suppose that's a testament to the strength of the writing.

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