africa + hot + football


i had a really excellent weekend. started with ron k. brown/evidence performing at the brooklyn museum capped off with an african party in the city.

somi/new africa live launched a monthly party, africa + hot, at crash mansion in the bowery. if they found a different location and didn't hire four djs (my head is still spinning), i think it might shape up quite nicely.

i ran into some friends i hadn't seen in awhile, the former-music-editor-of-the-african-and-afropop-turned-current-editor-of-afrosonicradio and one of the nollywood nyc organizers, who told me about a nigeria v. argentina world cup kickoff in harlem early saturday morning (9am @ 2110 7th Ave btw 125th and 126th).

i might have to roll out of bed a little earlier than usual to attend, but only if i can find my shin guards and cleats. though i might be getting on in age, i can still mop the floor with most anyone. go ahead. try me.

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  1. I assume you're thinking gearing up with your shin guards and cleats to play a quick game before the Nigeria v Argentina match. Or are you suiting up just to watch the game? In that case, I would not sit anywhere close to you while watching the game. Yup! I don't want to "try" you. lol

    Best of luck to the Naija team.

  2. @nanasei: lol! i heard there will be some games popping off before or after the match. but i also heard that there will be a drum circle @ 8:30AM, so i can neither confirm nor deny any of these reports. ;)


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