20 favorite writers under 40


The New Yorker released their list of 20 favorite writers under 40. I'm not sure what importance to give this list, as I've never been a huge fan of the gilded, slightly esoteric and irrelevant publication, but Chimamanda made it, so I guess that's good. Although, notwithstanding ChiChi, I am also slightly skeptical of writers cosigned by the mainstream American literary establishment.

I was actually surprised that wonderboy Junot Diaz wasn't on it, but maybe he's already 40.

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  1. gosh..you are very opinionated..and your form your succinct opinions so well!!! Keep writing Alligator legs

  2. @Afolabi: I was laughing out loud at your comment! Yes. I am very opinionated. I embrace it. I own it. I wear it like a silk cloth, close to the skin. Thanks for stopping by! :)


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