world cup mania


i can't believe i won't make it to for the games. i can still remember four years ago, watching zidane throw the game for france. although i think it will probably be just as good on tv, minus the crowd control drama, it just seems like a crime to watch when i could be participating.

ever the voyeur, bought a copy of this month's vanity fair with all that world cup eye candy. laughing my ass off over ronaldo's beef that the magazine photoshopped him in next to drogba. he's threatening to sue, but i'm pretty sure the release (he undoubtedly signed) removes the magazine's liability for falsely representing him as deigning to stand next to his arch nemesis.

vf also has a fascinating feature on tiger woods's dramatic fall from grace, naming names (locations and positions). complete with a color spread of all of tiger's ladies lounging about in the boudoir and by poolsides. as a person who doesn't read tabloids or engage in gossip, i have never read anything more salacious in my life. honestly. i think this man's tawdry lifestyle, kept so long under wraps, was bound to blow up at some point.

i might have to deal with Mr. Woods in his own blog.

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