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I get these in my Inbox every week from one of my writer friends. Sharing the love.

a sip of water

“Whatever we focus on is bound to expand.
Where we see the negative, we call forth more negative.
And where we see the positive, we call forth more positive…

Having loved and lost, I now love more passionately.
Having won and lost, I now win more soberly.
Having tasted the bitter, I now savor the sweet.”

~ Marianne Williamson

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  1. Hey...thought I'd recommend something to you. About writing, focus and all that stuff you've been on about recently...heheheh

    Anyway, its a sort of memoir(of running and writing) by Haruki Murakami "what I talk about when I talk about running"...

    Lots of good stuff in there,


    "I don't necessarily wrte down what I'm thinking;its just that as I write, I think about things.As I write, I arrange my thoughts. And rewriting and revising takes my thinking down even deeper paths. No matter how much I write though, I never reach a conclusion"

    Anyway, it was quite interesting, "kafka on the shore" totally blew me away when I read it and I have since become a fan, so thought I 'd just see what this was about...

    It did not disappoint.

  2. @Alligator Legs: I'm yet to be disappointed by any of your posts. Thanks for always breathing fresh (and sometimes thought-provoking) air on your blogs.

    @Waffarian: I'm not a writer. In fact, I'm far from it! I have no illusions about trying to write anything of substance now or in the future. But I've always admired writers. There's just something about their ability to transmit thoughts and emotions into words that just gets me. I don't know if it's because they're so good at something I suck at... So thanks for sharing that short passage from Haruki Murakami. Very interesting indeed.

  3. @waffarian: thanks so much for sharing! i'm definitely short on inspiration these days. suddenly everything feels somewhat irrelevant, or maybe it's just my twenty-something angst talking.

    @nanasei: thanks for continuing to post encouragement i definitely need it from time to time! ;)


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