To Change The World, Change Your Illusions // Minna Salami


Ms. Afropolitan blog founder Minna Salami has a new talk online from TEDxBrixton. We were virtual friends for a long time before I finally met her, last year, at a mutual writer friend's house party in Lagos.

She is every bit as engaging in person as in print, and even more critically insightful in this talk. I am proud to know her and to be a fellow African feminist. It is the best F-word in the dictionary. --AL.
"I continued to see representations of African women that did not reflect the reality of the women in my family or my friends or my colleagues. It became clear to me that rather than the complex reality of what it means to be an African woman, the media was saturated with one-dimensional portrayals of African womanhood. And I identified three major stereotypes--which I call the struggler, the survivor, and the stereotype empowered African woman." -- Minna Salami, Ms. Afropolitan

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