nigeria v. argentina


I spent two hours screaming at the TV yesterday for the Nigeria v. Argentina match. Few sports events garner my undivided attention as the World Cup does. I used to play as a kid, so I get really involved and agitated easily.

I must confess that I know the names of more Ghanaian than Nigerian players because the Super Eagles have disappointed me one too many times. (Also, my surname is Essien, so if I ever have to defect Ghana would be my first choice.) The game was pretty good yesterday and I think it would have been a tie if Enyeama didn't totally sleep on that penalty kick he thought was going out. (Just put your hands up and catch it next time, sweetie.)

They need to clean up their defense and passes though, and stop playing tired. Nobody cares that you're tired. The World Cup happens once every four years. You can rest when it's over. 

That Uchebo substitution was a mess--all that height and all he did was trip over himself. I hope Emenike feels better so we never have to witness that again. And good luck to him at Chelsea, who just offered 16 million pounds for his services.

Looking forward to the knockout phase...go Super Eagles! --AL.

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