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sometimes i can see auras.

there is a flatness to some born of poverty, ignorance, lack of self and other awareness. but i look at and experience others that literally bloom--like the flashes of light emitted from a flickering candle flame--enlightening and purifying the air around them. it isn't something i've cultivated, but i suppose becoming more sensitive to my own energy, to the energy around me both as an artist and human being has brought this out. venus williams, a buddhist monk, a woman picking flowers near my house, all these i experienced as a bright, colorful, cleansing light.

i thought myself a little crazy for this until i recently saw an episode of oprah's life class in which a man, who survived being trapped in a burning airplane, said he could see the auras of his fellow passengers leaving as they perished. they were different colors, he said, and so has dedicated his efforts--since surviving--to brightening his aura.

there is much truth in it.

i imagine having had this insight, i am also concerned with the brightness of my own aura--the light i bear into the world. though i have my low moments, i am fairly convinced that it blooms. i am also aware that not everyone can see this light. and it occurs to me that, in spite of this, one must continue to bring it forth for the greater good. to be kind, just, considerate, sincere. 

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