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i'm one of this week's profiled artists on urban cusp, a lifestyle magazine highlighting progressive urban culture, social justice and global awareness. it was started by my stanford colleague and friend rahiel tesfamariam, and i'm super excited about it! enjoy. --AL.

"Being a dancer has taught me the most about writing and filmmaking —- about being present and open, establishing a pace and rhythm, trusting in my ability, being courageous, and, above all, remembering to breathe. Every day I do my morning pages, a technique out of Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way that involves writing three pages of text as soon as I get out of bed. Cameron also writes about filling one’s inner well with things that inspire creativity, like taking long walks in nature, visiting the museum, and listening to music."
--Iquo B. Essien

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  1. Renaissance woman, indeed! Lovely interview, Iquo!

    I don't think I've seen any of your short films before. I really like it! I love the way you explore the mother-daughter relationship. It reminded me of my many experiences in the kitchen with my mother, lol.

  2. I'm seeing your hard work here and on I was searching for details about the coming PH Litr. festival. and the first result was 'alligator legs'.

    It's been hard for me this past 2 months. After a long time in pain, lost my Dad to death about a month ago. And for the great man he was I come to understand why people bear these sacrifices to do stuff like you are doing with Elizabeth Daughter. The memory really soothes, while time heals, hopefully. I remember you, often. TC


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