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i've been meaning to share an excerpt from my memoir project, Elizabeth's Daughter, that I've been working on this past year. the essays (and photographs and video) are meant to be read/viewed in conversation with each other, but this piece works as a standalone.

i am putting together a preview collection called 'Elizabeth's Daughter in Words and Pictures' that will be ready in the coming months (i hope i hope!). the purpose is to collect my writing, photos and ideas so far, as well as allow for my blog readers to engage a bit deeper with my work and potentially support my project.

you can read an excerpt from the essay "granny's house" here and also download/scroll through below. enjoy! --AL.

Grannys House by Iquo B Essien

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  1. i thoroughly enjoyed reading the excerpt. I can't wait for the Memoir to hit the bookstores. All the best.


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