fidelity bank international creative writing workshop -- part 2


having recently met with some wonderful representatives of fidelity bank plc, i have decided to remove this post. i do believe they were sincerely apologetic for the offensive messages sent to me by james eze regarding my blog, and i think his conduct should be attributed to his own recklessness and nobody else's. all the best to them! now let's get back to writing. --AL.

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  1. I'm gobsmacked. I must commend your restraint in the reply email.


  2. *Jaw dropped* OMG. Where's the professionalism? Where's the customer relations skills? Great response to such a hateful e-mail.

  3. @molara: how to begin responding to such a thing?? i've never been good at mudslinging, so figured i'd leave it to the pros. we missed you last night at the literary evening. or did you slip in and out?? hope to see u again while i'm around. cheers! :)

    @thatafricangirl: long time no speak! how r u?? :)

  4. I'm doing well. I can see from your posts that you've been busy writing and getting ideas for writing. Good for you!

  5. Good gracious God! Iquo, i must commend you for the maturity you displayed in your reply.

    James' e-mail was unprofessional and immature. Very disappointing. And did i hear traces of fear in his tone? What is wrong with that guy?

    What a way to represent a bank who keeps its word!


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