getting betterer


i have been making lots of changes and tweaks to increase my tech savvy and engagement with my readers. i'm not sure who (most of) you are, or how or why you visit this blog, but i'd like to improve the experience for all of us if at all possible.

so i've added a search button (in the right navigation bar) that will enable you to peruse any and everything i've ever written about, well, anything. try it--it's addictive!

i am also on twitter and facebook. you have to follow me to see my tweets (security precaution), but i'm usually pretty nice about accepting followers.

you can also visit my group blog, the african muse, and e-mail me if you'd like to contribute. i have two contributors right now, one out of bali and the other london/zambia, seeking more international folks to weigh in on art in the diaspora.

and in case you don't already know, you can always find out more about me on my website. it's currently under construction, so bear with me! --AL.

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