fidelity bank international creative writing workshop


pictured above: jamal mahjoub, fidelity ceo reginald ikejiani,
diana evans, ik mbagwu, and helon habila

i'm in lagos again, after a week in enugu for the fidelity bank international creative writing workshop at the university of nigeria, nsukka. it was a mixed bag--the good parts being the instructors, in the persons of helon habila, diana evans, and jamal mahjoub. the bad part, which threatened to undermine the instructors' efforts, was fidelity bank itself. they were inept. disorganized. laughable. and i seriously questioned their ability to execute any manner of things, including meals and photocopying.

the workshop was held in abuja last year, but was moved to enugu this time around--a fact that likely posed some financial and travel difficulties for some, myself included. that said, the trip was worth every kobo given the close-knit relationships we forged with our instructors over the course of the week. they were wonderful teachers, coaches, and i look forward to continuing to share my work with them in the future. there is plenty more to say, but perhaps it is better addressed to the organizers themselves.

you can find out more info about dreams at dawn, an anthology of writing from past fidelity workshop participants, here. i'm not yet sure where the book is available for purchase, but will post the info here when i get it. and find out more info on the farafina trust writing workshop, taught by chimamanda ngozi adichie and binyavanga wainaina, here. it is going on now in lagos and will culminate with a literary evening on saturday, july 2 at eko hotel, victoria island. --AL.

Update: Read a response to this blog from Fidelity Bank's James Eze here.

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  1. There I was planning to call you to go see Hugh Masekela this weekend, little did I know. The last sentence of the first paragraph is hilarious! Glad that the experience was fruitful, nevertheless and I pray that the rest of your trip is even better. J'Leise.

  2. Touché! Fidelity Bank ought to get their act together.

  3. James Eze reply to your report on the Fidelity workshop is totally unwarranted and unbecoming of someone holding that position in the Bank behind the venture.He should tender an apology to you except he thinks he or fidelity is a perfect entity.


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