it rains, it snows


light on blogs these days, turning my gaze inward. i thought, upon returning to new york, i might easily descend into apathy. haven't yet, at least i don't think so. tho it is unbearably cold and alternately snowy and rainy, and always gloomy. suddenly i can't remember why i live here, can feel myself outgrowing this town. the problem with the new york artist is we all live in a bubble. at a certain point everything becomes endlessly self-referential or irrelevant. i don't know what to make of it anymore. i'm not quite sure where this is going. sorry. what i wanted to blog about i don't feel like blogging anymore. ah yes, apathy. --AL.

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  1. you're not stopping to blog, are you?

  2. @aloofar: i think i might just need a break. i'll probably still blog more than u, mr. once-every-six-months? LOL! :)

  3. Hii AL,
    There's something about the word self-referential and the way you've used it here that's made me read this post more than once. It's such a perfect description of a way of perceiving everything around you. I would catch myself seeing things this way and had never really found that word to describe it.


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