the secret lives of baba segi's wives//lola shoneyin


i left lagos for abuja on thursday for a little weekend rest and relaxation. i'm staying with jeremy weate and bibi bakare-yusuf--the team behind cassava republic press--and am so grateful for their hospitality. upon arrival, took a moment to breathe while gazing at the wall of books and comfy window seat in the guest room. so far i've skimmed through thich nhat hanh's teachings on love, ken saro-wiwa's sozaboy, veronique tadjo's the blind kingdom, a biography of sylvia plath, and a limited edition volume on african film by manthia diawara. if only i had more time.

at a dinner party last night met lola shoneyin, author of the secret lives of baba segi's wives (read an excerpt here). a brilliant and lovely woman. we talked a bit about my project, polygamy, the courage it takes to be a writer. there must be a divine force guiding me to so many like minds these days; my cup runneth over.

lola runs a monthly reading series, infusion, that i was sorry to have missed on thursday night. this month's author was ken wiwa jr (who hosted last night's dinner party) and last month's was myne whitman. join the infusion facebook group for updates. --AL.

Update: TSLBSW was long listed for the Orange Prize! So happy for Lola.

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