a year after the quake


found a great article in the jamaican observer (clip below)summarizing disaster relief in haiti in the past year. to date, only 5 percent of the rubble has been cleared and over 800,000 people still live in tent cities. international goverments haven't met all their aid promises, and haiti is still working under capacity, with 30 percent of government staff having died in the quake.

i find it disheartening how easily the world mobilizes to war, while lagging to save lives. a year later, let us remember and reverence the people who perished in the earthquake, and those still trying to rebuild their lives and society. --AL.

"The reconstruction effort overall is hampered by the failure to deliver or spend billions of expected dollars in aid.

The United States had originally pledged $1.15 billion for 2010, but moved nearly its entire pledge to 2011 following delays in Congress and the Obama administration.

Clinton was supposed to take care of the governments. But as the year came to an end, even the United States — whose secretary of state is his wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton — had paid just a fraction of what it promised, pushing off nearly $1 billion in money pledged for 2010 to 2011."

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