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myne whitman and AL @ the garden city literary festival

met the world famous myne whitman, blogger and author, at the GCLF this week. she moderated two panel discussions, one on the impact of social media on the publishing industry, and a "meet the author" session with acclaimed writers helon habila, zainab jallo and adaobi tricia nwaubani.

throughout the festival, myne showed herself to be a smart, savvy and outspoken writer/blogger. i admired the tenacity with which she utilized the web to market her self-published work, a heart to mend. she read books, articles, and blogs on social media, and grew her audience of subscribers from 1 to 400.

a handful of folks have asked why i don't publicize this blog more than i do. i certainly have read tons about how to do that, but i suppose a part of me has never fully embraced the online sphere, will always see it as a somewhat fickle enterprise. but if it were a dollars and cents matter, ie, publicizing my blog was equivalent to selling books, i'm sure i could muster the motivation.

at any rate, bought a copy of her book and can't wait to dig in. naija bloggers unite! --AL.

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