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in a town where seemingly so few appreciate art (although there's a branch of the national gallery here, which I'll have to check out soon), it's ever astounding to drive by the public sculptures centered at most roundabouts. so i took a short roundabout tour of uyo today with camera in tow, hoping to find out the identities of the sculptors.

unsurprisingly, most sculptures have no attribution. and they are regularly covered up with political banners and slogans that literally wear away the paint, so that future akwa ibomites will not have the pleasure of enjoying their beauty. so let me preserve at least one here for posterity, commissioned by babangida in april 1991. my apologies, but it's difficult to get a clear picture of how impressively tall this thing is with my meager camera! enjoy. --AL.

Untitled sculpture at Babangida Circle, Secretariat Junction, Uyo

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