lagos bound


Heading out today. Not fully prepared (turned in Fulbright stuff on Saturday, no time to switch gears), but I like to think these things work themselves out. I had a moment when I really didn't want to go, thinking, man, I'll really miss my favorite vegan cupcakes. I can be ridiculous. However, pleasantly surprised to feel nostalgia for NYC. Well, it'll still be here 3 months from now. And I certainly wouldn't miss a chance to eat my grandma's coconut rice. ;) In case I fall off the face of the earth (maybe I already have?), be well. --AL.

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  1. Aw good luck AL. You're going to have such a great time. Enjoy and blog once in a while to tell us how it's going.

  2. Have a great time dear!

    I can testify to the fact that being vegan in nigeria is borderline impossible

    Hope to read some of your thoughts on being home, well, whatever home means ;)


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