venus williams @ brooklyn book festival


Venus Williams. Somehow I managed to get a front-row seat to her interview at the Brooklyn Book Festival. There is something amazing about being in the presence of a world champion athlete. It was visible in the way she walked, talked, how she carried herself. The air seemed cleaner, and my head clearer, in her voluminous presence.

At points I felt like I was holding my breath, waiting for her careful demeanor to crack, before realizing it was actually her true nature. Self discipline and determination don't come easy to children, which makes the whole phenomenon of the Williams sisters that much more interesting. As is Venus's book, Come to Win, in which she interviews world champions -- Clinton and Condolleezza, among others -- about what it takes to become one.

Here is a clip of the interview from my trusty flip cam. Enjoy. --AL.

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  1. AL, thanks for sharing this. There are indeed many parallels between participating in sports and suceeding in life. I can speak for a few people I know :-)


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