nine eleven (again)


God bless those that are resting. Felt the need to repost this blog today. My soul shudders every time I hear anti-Muslim protests against the mosque at Ground Zero. It is something I must quietly ignore or else it would eat me up nights.

We are all filled with such hate, masked in propriety, that unleashes itself when we are faced with extreme circumstances. The same goes for love. As a good friend said, I choose to focus on the love and care and concern that overflowed in NYC in the days and weeks after the towers fell. I like to think that if I focus on the love, it will amplify while the hate shrinks away.

Perhaps it's a child's fantasy, but, all the same, I'll take it over the reality. It seems a shame that, on a day of remembrance, some would choose to scream and shout and threaten to burn Qurans. Certainly sounds a lot like extremism.

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