from concept to inception


damn. just came back from the movies and had to post a nugget about inception. it's amazing to watch a movie that's really a movie, ie, an absolutely breathtaking audiovisual experience that couldn't be better captured as a novel or play or maybe even an animation. the kind of film that takes the jawdropping vfx of the matrix trilogy to the third dimension. literally.

it's totally brilliant to build a film around this notion of escaping into the wilderness of dreamland. essentially, anything you could dream up is plausible. makes for an absolutely incredible experience. i just wanted to watch and watch and watch more. all gushing aside, i thought it was a little bit too much story for one movie. the beginning had about a million jump cuts and the sappy soundtrack was sometimes the only thing holding all the plot lines together. that said, you should still go see it.

i definitely dig dreams. look forward to crawling into bed at night and living in my subconscious for at least six hours. deep down i'm daring and much braver than in real life, and if i feel any pain while leaping buildings or fighting bad guys, i'll wake up and know it was just a dream.

just when i think hollywood is obsolete, it totally blows me away. and i think, wouldn't it be great to conceive of inception? that christopher nolan has some imagination. to quote the film: "You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling."

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