akwa ibom isong oooo! -- Part II


They did excellent PR for the AKISAN Convention this year (see the clip below). If only the convention itself had been just as good. There were the cultural dances and food, the speeches and planning sessions. And so much pomp, or should I say pop, meaning that the lead attraction was a Michael Jackson impersonator (true story).

I must formally air my complaint about the omission of the Miss Akwa Ibom 2010 pageant. No contestants? Really? I saw about 50 young women who fit the bill. And the officials spent so much time talking and fundraising that the closing night gala had only 30 minutes of dancing. Boo.

I only hope that the incoming president makes good on his vow to improve 180 degrees next year (now what exactly does that mean?). Jokes for days! --AL.

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