world cup seasonal affective disorder


after watching uruguay eliminate ghana from the world cup last friday, my girl jb coined the term world cup seasonal affective disorder. we were both shattered and demoralized, especially having spent the better part of two hours screaming at the top of our lungs and jumping up and down. a part of me wanted ghana to win so badly that i had invested all my emotions into the outcome, and had to commiserate with other folks for several hours afterward just to lift my spirits. i would have been okay if uruguay had been the better team (which they weren't) and hadn't flatly cheated in the final moments of regulation time, suarez booting the ball out of the goal with his arm.

it really wasn't fair.

and i understand that asamoah gyan missed the penalty, and that that WAS fair, but there needs to be some "automatic goal" rule for shady footballers who cheat. and i CAN'T BELIEVE they didn't send prince up early in the lineup for his penalty kick. he would have rocked that lame uruguayan goalie's world. i don't know what happened to the other penalty kickers. mensah's energy was wrong the whole game and he should have been last up to kick or not at all. and adiyiah...i can't even talk about it. i'm not watching any more matches. it's too depressing at this point. uruguay should be disqualified. that's the second dirty game i've seen them play in a week's time. if they were any good, they wouldn't have to cheat!

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  1. I was despondent about Ghana's loss. We were ready to wave our flag and had goat meat marinated for the joyful bar-b-que to follow Ghana's victory. And then there were the victory parties... Alas, those well-laid plans weren't carried through all because of a devil named Suarez! I had to sleep off my disappointment - not to say it was enough to lift my spirits. It's the most cruel loss I've ever witnessed in my entire life! Not to mention it was the prelude to the July 4th weekend...

  2. @nanasei: i can only imagine! my girl and i were supposed to watch with a bunch of ghanaian friends at a local restaurant but it got so packed they wouldn't let us in. i actually ended up feeling it was all for the best because that would have been one depressing room! it was a cruel loss, amplified by the cheating that took it to the level of an injustice. i'm trying to let it go before i start a national protest! ;)


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