konbit pou ayiti


had a great time at a concert for haiti up at harlemstage last weekend. came to see emeline michel and dj jephte guillaume, the latter of whom holds the distinction of producing the single most expensive song i've ever purchased (Blue and Deep, $3.99 on Traxsource).

i'm a slave to a good beat.

the vibe at 134th and amsterdam was infectious. haitians collectively remind me of my crazy aunty (don't we all have one?) -- loud, gregarious, maybe even obnoxious, if she weren't so much fun to be around.

ran into miss bruno sisters marjory and shirley, repping ayiti as fashionably as ever. so good to catch up with them. shirley said she's starting the master's filmmaking program at london film school in the fall. so good to hear, since it's one of the schools i'll be applying to now that i've decided i'm never (ever ever) going back to nyu, but would still like a degree.

so sad to hear that they are discontinuing their clothing line and focusing on art installation pieces (will be exhibiting in s.africa late fall), using the ubiquitous immigrant bag as a canvas. i'm sure it will be brilliant, although i'm still a little disappointed that i never got my so-called scarf while they were still making them.

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