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last night i went to an open studio show of one of my longtime friends, multimedia artist eto oro, at the school of the visual arts. he was super creative and always painting as a kid, then studied mechanical engineering at mit and design engineering at stanford. after working as a consultant for some time, he decided to go full-time creative and worked on dozens of multimedia installations before singlehandedly opening an art gallery in jersey. it closed just shy of three years later, but i still give him mad props for it.

eto was showing some work with a handful of classmates at sva (he took a sculpture class this summer just to broaden his horizons). he designed this wicked double-sided video projector that hung suspended from the air like a pendulum and, as it spun around, plastered the walls in words, colors and images (thelonious monk, psychedelic pastures, the human skeleton) that moved in and out of focus depending on how close the projector came to the walls. for me, he represents most closely what i think of as a creative mind. want to take it apart and look inside at how all the synapses connect.

*sigh* i just fucking love artists.

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