on my own time


today is my first day as a part-time writer. yes, i have been writing for years, but i've finally decided to go down to three days at work and write the other two (or four, depending on how things go on the weekends). i feel absolutely wonderful. i feel infinitely powerful even after just one hour of writing for myself on my own time (8am to 9am no less!).

technically, today is just a vacation day to sample the full-day-writing thing, to whet my intellectual appetite (picked up a copy of suki kim's the interpreter at the library yesterday) and remind me of the wonderful luxury of my writer's residency at hedgebrook last fall (now accepting applications for 2011!).

i hope you're having a wonderful morning or afternoon, wherever you are. let me give a shout out to cameroon for the wonderful effort yesterday. i cannot believe that goal in the 83rd minute that clinched the game for the netherlands! boo.

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