they call her ms. hill


i found npr's much-hyped lauryn hill interview to be overly gushy and sentimental. perhaps zoe chace was too young to take a dispassionate view on the artist or too enraptured by her persona (she likens her search for and the apparition of ms. hill to the israelites quest for the ark of the covenant). however. i am ever captivated by the creative process, and i think ms. hill embodies exactly what i'm getting at: self care. care for yourself, then your art, and then everybody else (in that order).

and i must take issue with some of the much as i love miseducation, i find the raw truth in her unplugged album a wonder to behold. i guess it's the artist in me that just digs her unfettered representation of self.

i hope that i won't stay too lazy and begin shaping this thing into a derivative blog; more original posts to come. --AL.

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  1. If there is one particular album that comes to mind as a life changing one, then it's Lauryn's unplugged.

    Unfortunately, the 'world' was not ready for the rawness, and it's a shame that in interviews such as this one, or the few others that she's done after the unplugged album, it's still miseducation that plays in the background.

    Unfortunately also, I don't think she embodies the self care that she knows of. Going to her gig a few yrs ago remains a bitter-sweet experience namely.

    The only good thing about this interview was to hear that she might be recording again!

    Good post.


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