the beauty of hijab


i saw the most stunning image this morning. a woman, walking, floated above the ground--her hijab, silk blouse and iridescent skirt rippling on the current of air cut by her slim frame. i think i actually held my breath, transfixed until she vanished out of sight.

i sometimes wonder about the merits of bearing flesh when such beauty can be achieved fully covered.

there's a sister i met in brooklyn once, nzinga knight (above, picture taken from her blog), who designs hijab fashions. as a non-muslim, i cringe when i hear other non-muslim women lament the perceived burden of wearing a headscarf every day. of covering the body from head to toe.

i see so many women in new york who are able to create a unique, personal style within these boundaries--chic and effortlessly lovely. i also found this blog that praises all things hijab.

i suppose it is not appropriate to "rock" hijab if you're not a muslim. nevertheless, i find it very fetching.

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