a graceful exit


i've reached that point at my current job when i begin seeking sanity, pondering what's next, and prepping my exit strategy. i must must must refocus on my novel.

i don't want to look back, in ten years, and wonder where the time went.

attended a wonderful reading at bowery poetry cafe last night, one of my hedgebrook sisters--and co-writers--published in an upcoming issue of the naugatuck river review. reminded me of what really matters. seems i've gotten all caught up in the 9-to-5. (it happens.)

my friend's poems were my favorite. i think it's hard to write about the personal in a way that transcends whiny narcissism to universal humanity. she is exceedingly good at it. i found most of the others weren't. one girl actually wrote a poem in which she described, at length, the shaving of her legs.

i have never been more unmoved.

at any rate, much fodder for writing this week. looking forward to setting pen to paper again.

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  1. Yay! to you refocussing - and finishing - your novel :-)


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