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4/06/2010've faced rejection again and again, yet keep writing anyway.

Two residency rejections in one day tonight: I-Park and Edward F. Albee. What made the latter rather poignant was their choice of words: "At this time every year we regret to inform a large number of applicants that we are unable to grant them space. And so we must inform you. We are very sorry." How thrilled I am that they are very sorry and not simply sorry.

So that makes three rejections so far this year including Jentel. I will not hold my breath waiting for the others. I am pretty tough, but am having such a bad day (week?) that it all seems particularly shitty. Days like today there seems an impassable gulf between me and the end of this novel.

I've been planning to "gift" myself a residency this summer anyways--two months in Nigeria for writing, research and relaxation. I've saved up a little bit of money and am going to indulge myself in myself.

If I were someone else (white? perhaps male? recently unemployed or divorced?), I'm sure I could sell the concept and get a book deal out of it. But my plight is far too ordinary.

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  1. well, i've found that with rejection, there is usually something better ahead - not necessarily because plan b is inherently better than plan a - there's something about rejections that allows you to approach life differently - come up with a more interesting story.

    not much of a writer myself, but I try to indulge from time to time. i find that simply being in nigeria provides me with such creative energy. so, i look forward to spending the summer in naij too...though, my original intention is for school-related work. have fun!


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