spell #7


you are welcome
to my kingdom     my city    my self
but yr presence must not disturb these inhabitants
leave nothing out of place/ push no dust under my
leave not a crack in my wine glasses
no finger prints
clean up after yrself in the bathroom
there are no maids here    no days off
for healing    no insurance policies
for dislocation of the psyche
aliens/ foreigners/ are granted resident status
we give them a little green card
as they prove themselves non-injurious
to the joy of my nation
i sustain no intrusions/ no double-entendre romance
no soliciting of sadness    in my life
are those who love me well
the rest are denied their visas...
is everyone ready to boogie

-- from Ntozake Shange's spell #7: geechee jibara quik magic trance manual for technologically stressed third world people (1979)

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