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Haiti, we are still with you.

Attended the most fabulous benefit concert last night, "Lift Every Voice," organized by my sister--a Brown alumna and former director of a cappella group Shades of Brown. There was a band, fancy hors d'oeuvres and all the feel good jams from Marvin Gaye to Beyonce.

It was truly special to see her taking center stage and singing again. She said something very touching at the beginning about how the earthquake survivors, having lost the most important people in their lives, could be seen walking through the streets of Port-au-Prince singing. That if they could sing, then surely she could, too. There was such a tremendous outpouring of support from Brown alumni, family and friends that the grace came full circle.

And Shades alum Gordon Chambers--a Grammy-winning songwriter--who was hawking his CDs at 50% off, gave me the strangest case of Eddie-Murphy-Coming-to-America-Sexual-Chocolate deja vu. LOL!

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