nollywood nyc


Yes. Nigerians networking, eating suya and watching movies. I can't make it tonight, but wanted to spread the word about Nollywood NYC.

The organizers are pretty cool guys. They walk and talk fast, a little late on the social media tip--still no website, although they're finally on Facebook--but with good ground game (they can regularly be seen toting a clipboard with sign-up sheets for their email list). One of the organizers has also started a company, Panla, that caters all the events.

I definitely dig the vibe of the whole thing, but there are some issues. The events always start late (I'm all about Africans doing business time) and there's no female organizer in the bunch. It's all a little too male, too bacheloresque, too home video and not enough cinema. (Or maybe I'm just a hater?)

But still a good time.

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