la paix en haiti


I work at a theater company that is producing a documentary on the United Nations peacekeepers in Haiti. The UN lost a bunch of peacekeepers in the earthquake, and also in a plane crash in Haiti last October. Again, I really have to hand it to the folks who maintain peace and stability around the globe for their courage and bravery. It has always been my secret dream to be a peacemaker--not a peacekeeper, per se, with a blue helmet and a gun, but someone who travels the world sowing seeds of peace in a global culture of violence, mistrust and hatred.

Before posting any links, I will disclaim by saying that my company's mission is to use art/culture as a tool for diplomacy. I find that the daily implementation of that mission falls far short of the lofty vision, which is often a source of frustration for me--especially when my boss is the type fond of walking about with his chest puffed out about how much he's changing the world. At any rate, he met with the Secretary General on Friday to discuss the company's continued relationship with the UN, which is a very positive thing given how busy the SG is with Haiti right now.

If you visit our YouTube channel, you will see clips from the concerts we produced for them last year (most either before I worked there or while I was away at my writer's residency) in addition to the trailer for the documentary--which may or may not be useful to watch, given that much of it is unnecessarily self-serving.

I'm posting a clip of Angelique Kidjo from our Tribute to Peacekeeping concert. I love love love her, and she talks a bit about her goodwill mission to Haiti with UNICEF last year. Please keep in mind that: The views represented in the trailer and the vids are not representative of my own, but rather those of the company and our creative partners. Wish I didn't have to say that, but I guess until I work for myself I'll have to. :)

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