muzik, ayiti


i rarely blog real-time, so this is a rarity, but just watched the hope for haiti benefit concert on tv. it was a long day at work finishing up the invites to the un screening that my boss is taking with him to sundance, but in effect haiti's been on my mind all day today.

at first i thought it was the most unparalleled cast of characters i've ever seen--bill clinton, madonna, denzel--and then i thought half the actors were probably on a detour from sundance and would be flying off in a matter of hours. but i have to say the song choices were excellent--J-Tim on Hallelujah? brilliant. but to the point of this blog, watching wyclef rap up the show (dug his haitian flag/scarf), caught my homie Tiga backing him up on percussion. this dude plays about fifteen instruments, including the dijeridoo, and I didn't even recognize the horns he was blowing after he dropped the djembe.

i've been thinking abt him and all my other haitian friends, wondering how their families are doing, and failing to pick up the phone. busy busy busy, i always stay, but it's a nervous energy. i have a feeling that huge holes have opened up in people's lives that will never be filled. even my coworker lost a college friend at home for the holidays with family in Port-au-Prince.

big ups to the little boys and girls rescued from the rubble who never gave up hope. we're all praying for you.

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