the black powers that be | July 13, 2009


Wow. Busy weekend. We threw a surprise baby shower for my sis who is expecting her second baby boy in September. Now that we're all grown up, I quite enjoy being able to gist and laugh and be crazy with my family. After the shower was over, we chilled watching (still nonstop) MJ coverage on CNN.

CNN anchor Don Lemon (pictured above) was discussing the wall-to-wall coverage of MJ's untimely death, suggesting it may have helped raise the black consciousness of the American public. The interview was inset by images of the funeral and, scrolling at the bottom of the screen, a ticker tape announcing Soledad O'Brien's Black in America 2. Shortly before the end of the segment, Lemon plugged Anderson Cooper, who would be covering Obama's trip to Ghana, segueing to an African-American filmmaker who documented his ten days in Africa, dropping some "expert" knowledge about pilgrimages to the Motherland.

I am more than speechless at this shift in the media's consciousness. I think we need to ask ourselves: Is it a good thing? I suppose it's a better alternative than no or a few token blacks in the media. But I must admit that I was quite comfortable flying below the radar screen. Now every half wit, pseudo black intellectual is spouting off half-baked theories on class, race, and society, taking cues from the black powers that be.

I think we need to retire some of these pundits (Al Sharpton, for one) and raise a new crop with some real shit to say. This. is. getting. ridiculous.

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