DanceAfrica Festival at BAM


May 26, 2009
brooklyn academy of music, bam, ronald k. brown, evidence, brooklyn, african danceAfter Katiti King's jazz class @ DNA on Saturday, I went to the DanceAfrica Festival @ Brooklyn Academy of Music. I got to dance in the street and see some folks I haven't laid eyes on since moving to the Bronx. Ronald K. Brown/Evidence performed this year (pictured above).

I've been a festival regular since before I moved to NYC, taking a bus in just to spend the day bargaining with street vendors. Six years later it can feel a bit like same shit different day, although my girl Lady Black's sister, a painter, had this amazing portable art -- suitcases and briefcases that she covered in images of Africa and afro-ed sistas. I really should have copped one, definitely something I'd never seen before. I came correct, though -- bought some raw shea butter, a leopard-print clutch, agate ring, and green-and-white-striped bangle. Now accessorized, I am so ready for the IAFF.

Spent Memorial Day at home writing. Bliss. :)

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