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My favorite movie is Contact, with Jodie Foster and Matthew McConaughey. I like films that deal with metaphysical struggles on a deeply personal level. I also like science fiction. Was a rabid Trekkie in my youth and still swear by Quantum Leap, Sliders, and, of course, Star Wars.

The beauty of sci-fi is that it takes us out of our present time and space, forcing us to reevaluate human behavior -- aggression, love, and fear -- on all levels. My favorite thing about Star Trek was the Prime Directive: that there be no interference with the natural development of any society, in an effort to change the course of said society, even if that change is well-intentioned.

Western superpowers could learn a thing or two from watching TV.

I swear by the Master Cleanse, eight cups of water a day, vitamins, exercise, and plenty of rest (though I never get it). I've been a vegetarian for 10.5 years and I'm proud of my dedication and discipline. You are what you eat. So tonight I'm a raw food salad, some collard green rolls, and a piece of brownie chunk (soy)cheesecake. Cook most of my meals when I'm not pressed for time, and actually am pretty finicky when it comes to eating out.

Chocolate is my number one weakness. Rich, semisweet, dark chocolate that sticks to your tongue and seeps into the back of your throat. Just a few bites chased with some rooibos tea makes the perfect after dinner snack.

I'm competitive to a fault, played soccer and ran track in high school, competed in music festivals playing the violin and piano. I tend to root for the underdog, no matter what.

I believe that a woman's weakness is no more inherent than a man's strength; however, women are certainly less encouraged to develop their physical strength than men are. I think if more women did, we would be more equal. I, for one, am proud to be a strong woman, just like my mother (may she rest in peace).

As obsessed as I am with neatness and organization, my room often looks like something exploded in it, a product of my hectic lifestyle. But if you asked me to find the homemade birthday card I made for my mom in kindergarten, I could produce it in under fifteen seconds. Yes. I have an encyclopedic memory that, when coupled with visual stimuli, is nearly perfect.

I'm Naija. Culture is the firm backdrop for my warmest and fondest memories. Sometimes it's difficult to translate as a New World transplant. I used to fantasize that I was actually born in Akwa Ibom, given my very conflicted feelings about being American-born. Used to feel like my parents robbed me of some essential foundation, but I acknowledge that some of the opportunities I've had might not have been possible had I been born there.

I think Dave Chappelle is the truth. My rule of thumb is, if no one else is doing it, you're on to something. If no one get's why you're doing it, like walking away from a $10 million contract, you're brilliant.

I don't believe all people are inherently good. Call it intuition, but I recognize that there are some crazy, bitter, and hateful people out there. Not to mention the megalomaniacs.

I do believe that compassion and empathy keep us all going against tremendous odds.

For me, music is medicine, dance is heart, and writing is life. As a youth, outside of my third grade teacher's comment to my parents in a report card, I was never encouraged to write. I was supposed to be a doctor. So my writing, in most respects, is completely self-directed, subject to my self-esteem and inferiority complex.

As breathing, literate, striving people, I think we owe it to ourselves to find our voices and use them. Like a muscle, it must be exercised.

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